Tarot for Life Coaching

January 9, 2017

If you're not familiar with the tarot, you might only be dimly aware of it as a sort of "woo-woo" thing that people use for fortune telling. The history of Tarot has been truly interesting and weird -- it arguably started as a game in 14th century Europe, and has been passed down to us through several different groups of extremely intense metaphysical dudes who collected esoteric knowledge from various cultures ranging from the ancient egyptians to jewish mystics.

The cards are divided into two groups -- the major arcana, which consist of the overarching archetypes of the Hero's Journey, and the minor arcana, which describe the different kinds of situations and experiences one will experience in life.There's no need to feel overwhelmed though -- there's a deck for everyone, with approachable themes from fairies to cats to trees. Some people prefer decks that don't have any people on them, and others like having people but prefer decks that show a range of races, body shapes, and genders. You can find many decks available as apps for your mobile phone now, which allows you to experiment with a deck for only a few bucks.

Basically, you want to pick a deck that you connect with, that makes you eager to use it, and that will let you interpret the cards intuitively. You don't want a deck that confuses you and makes you feel like you need to read the book. If you can pick a card and think "hey, this reminds me of...," or "this makes me feel..." then you've probably got a good deck. My favorites at the moment are the Wild Unknown, The Tarot of the Hidden Realm, and the Tarot of Trees.Once you've picked your deck, you can decide how you're comfortable using it.

You don't need to believe that the universe is speaking to you or that it's possible to tell the future. By sheer virtue of their commonality, each of the 78 cards will have something to say to you at whatever time you pick them. You can view them as doorways to things you probably already knew but hadn't been aware of -- when you pick cards and ask yourself what they mean, you're going to make new connections and give a voice to your own inner wisdom. You can also just pick cards deliberately and use them as journal prompts or a way to work with issues you might currently be having.We'll explore how to work with the deck in both a personal and coaching manner, as well as walk through the year using the archetypes of some of the major arcana. Hopefully during this journey you'll also get to see some of the different decks available, and maybe connect with a card or two. Have fun!