Maybe it's cliche, but we get excited at the beginning of the year because it's We get to start over, make resolutions, intend that somehow this year will be different than the last.But beginnings are hard, and if we're honest with ourselves most of the time we tend not to like them.

Why? because really-they're stressful, we're impatient, we don't know if anything's going to work, and that voice of the inner critic turns into a combination of the Three Tenors and Every Asshole You Ever Knew, just because it knows you're hesitant. This is not conducive to keeping those New Years goals.

So how can we navigate the beginning part of the year with grace? How can we help ourselves reach our goals?In spiritual and meditation circles, there's a concept called "Beginner's Mind." This means staying in that place of newness with humility and freedom - being present with the open space of that first step, not anticipating the next step or keeling over with your own baggage. As I'll discuss in the next posts about the Tarot, and especially the first card, The Fool, life is a sequence of small and large Hero's Journeys.

The best thing you can do is be kind to and present with yourself on each step of the way. This is often where a life coach can come in, because sometimes it's hard to shut up the voice that says unhelpful things with overwhelming clarity like "I suck!"

This month will be all about beginner's mind. What does "beginning" mean to you, and how do you usually think about it or sabotage yourself when you're starting out with something? Looking at a few different Fool cards can help you put this into words -- we'll do this after a basic introduction to using tarot cards for self-development. For now, Good luck!