Best Wiccan and Pagan Holiday Gifts 2017

November 30, 2017

It's getting into holiday purchasing time, and there's always the question of what to get for your friends or family who are wiccan, pagan, or just spiritually inclined. There's always underwear and socks, but that won't make you popular with anyone. Here are ten of my favorite things, which of course means that if you want to buy ME something you'll have to find something else.

1. Fred Soll's Resin on a Stick® - Pure Resin Incense. This stuff is amazing, and burns and smells better than any other incense I've found. It's handmade in New Mexico, and uses plant and tree resins, herbs, and powders. They have quite a number of scents, but I'm partial to the Cinnamon and the Rose. 

2. Untamed Truth Oracle Cards by Tree Talker Art, Rachael Caringella.​ There are plenty of oracle decks out there, and I have many of them. I haven't seen this one publicized that much, but it really stands out in its beauty, quality, and lively energy. It's got a fun sense of humor, too -- it's about time a deck had a "fuck it" card.

I'm really enjoying working with this deck daily. The box is beautiful enough that you can use it as a frame, as well as a place to store the cards.

3. The Wiccan Toolkit, from Raven In A World Tree. Do you know someone who's just starting out and wants to practice rituals and meditations but doesn't have all the tools? Or an experienced practitioner who wants a travel kit or on-the-go ritual kit for their purse?

This kit has everything you need, and is also available along with the Workbook of Shadows, shown below, in a hand-stamped gift bag. 

4. The Workbook of Shadows, also from Raven In a World Tree. This is a great gift for someone new to Wicca. Most of the "newbie" books out there are so full of information they're overwhelming. This workbook gives you a basic familiarity with the fundamental aspects of Wicca, and helps you to feel confident and comfortable in very little time. With short readings, writing prompts and journaling space, this workbook is all you need to start out. The book is also available with the kit in a hand-stamped gift bag.

5. A MeraKalpa Mala Kit. Malas are strings of beads used in prayer or meditation. They're beautiful, and make a great gift -- but how much more awesome would it be to make your own? Amanda at MeraKalpa Malas sells kits that make for wonderful presents, and has videos that make it easy to learn how to put one together. 

6. The Dragontree Apothecary's Rituals For Living Dreambook and Planner. There's tons of planners out there, but this one has space for morning and evening rituals, gratitude lists,  and as reminders for self-care. It's a beautiful way to keep the things that matter in your life.

7. ​Snow Queen Perfume and Bath set from Sage Goddess. A magical scented set of bath salts and perfume. If this is out, she's got a whole range of bath salts, body products, and perfumes that are all heavenly.

8. The Spiritsong Tarot from Paulina Cassidy. Released just in time for the holidays, this is a very gentle, pastel-colored animal deck that is really pleasant and friendly to work with. It could easily be used as an oracle deck or just for inspiration. 

9. An oversized Peter Pauper Journal from Amazon, like this Celtic Colors Journal. These are inexpensive, but very well-made, and are a great size for journaling. They're not too big, not too small, and they come in a range of gorgeous designs. 

10. Prayer beads from IndigoDesertMoon on Etsy, like this set of Yule Beads. She hand-knots them, and they're all well-made, beautiful, and feel really good in the hand. I've ordered several of these, and having made some myself I truly appreciate how much work and skill goes into making them as well as this. You'll want one for yourself too.