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Life Coach Question: How do I Integrate My Shadow Side?

So we've been discussing the concept of a "shadow" side as the part of us we've kept hidden or submerged beneath the persona we let people see. Usually we've repressed these aspects since childhood, whether because we wanted to please other people, wanted to fit in better, or because we simply needed to survive.

In order to become whole  we need to integrate all the parts of us--but how can we do this? If it was easy, we would have done it already, right? And what if it's too late, or we're afraid of what we might find?​

It's never

Life Coach Question: How Do I Find a Teacher?

Finding a teacher isn't hard. Finding the right one is. There's so many choices now of ways to learn and who to learn from, that it's hard to know what's a good enough bet that you want to fork over your money. What do you do if you know you want to start studying something, but you're overwhelmed by the options? How can you tell if something is legitimate?

Here's some tips on finding the right setup for you:

  • Know your learning style - do you need the visual input of a blackboard or demonstrations, or can you learn from