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Easy Ways to Achieve Your Goals Using the Tarot

achieve your goals

Tarot and oracle cards are wonderful tools for helping you achieve your goals. Whether you’re witchy, into new-age stuff, or just a personal growth junkie, they provide a great visual tool for holding you accountable and manifesting your dreams. Here are some specific ways to use them.

Use Your Deck to Ask the Right Questions

It’s my opinion that the most powerful thing about the tarot isn’t what you expect. It’s not the spreads or what the cards tell you, but the process of thinking about and asking a question before you choose the cards. Often, asking the right question …

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

So you’ve made all sorts of New Year’s resolutions, and now that it’s almost a week in you’re finding yourself losing traction or maybe giving yourself till February to start. How do you actually make it more likely you’ll do the things you said you were going to do? Here’s five tips for putting yourself on the road to success.

1. Release old baggage.

Often we don’t get traction on our goals because we’re lugging along a giant brick of unresolved issues. We think we can power through anything with pure stubbornness and good intention. These things that we’ve ignored, …

Great Gift Ideas for 2022

holiday gifts 2022

This is a little late in the holiday buying season, but I wanted to share some of my favorite thing that would make great gift ideas in case you’re still looking for that special something to give a friend.

  1. Do you have a friend who loves poetry, especially Mary Oliver? I don’t read poetry much these days, but after coming across Molly Remer’s books I think I should. You can find them on Amazon here but if you purchase them from her store Brigid’s Grove on Etsy then she makes more money off the sale, and you’re supporting a

Book Review: “Soul Vows”, by Janet Conner

I occasionally peruse my bookshelves and look for “new” old books that I haven’t thought about in a while. “Soul Vows,” by Jannet Conner is a gem of a book that I did a lot of work with about six or seven years ago, and it’s struck me recently that this is a great book to read if you’re doing shadow work even though it’s technically not about shadow work at all.

Subtitled “Gathering the Presence of the Divine In You, Through You, and As You,” it comes across as a thoroughly spiritual book, not one with a psychological bent. …

Five Tips for Successful Journaling

Have you been intending to journal, but haven’t managed to do it? Do you wonder why something that seems so easy can be so hard? Here’s five tips for creating a successful journaling practice.

Pick the Right Journal

There’s so many journals out there that it’s hard to know which journal to pick. There’s leather ones, hand-bound ones, refillable journal covers, and even aside from that there’s the question of lined vs. unlined, or maybe graph paper or dot lined. It’s so complicated! What’s the right journal? The one you’ll use.

Fancy, gorgeous notebooks sometimes can be too intimidating to …

Book Review: Living in Flow

Living in Flow, by Sky Nelson-Isaacs, is one of those books that’s a real page-turner; both because its message is so powerful and interesting and also because you’ll find yourself checking back to what you’ve already read because you’re not sure whether you still understand it or not. Subtitled “The Science of Synchronicity and How Your Choices Shape Your World,” it’s a mix of quantum physics, psychology, and metaphysics. It combines information you’ve probably already read about on “flow” with the idea that the universe is responsive to our actions.

“In a responsive cosmos, when we enter flow different circumstances

How to Build Self-love When You’re Down on Yourself

Cards about self love

Self-Love is such a common term these days; it’s like the american cheese of self-help. But it’s way easier said than done. Do you find yourself self-sabotaging or not doing things that are good for you because you don’t think you’re worth it? Do you feel uncomfortable every time you try to say an affirmation about yourself? Here are five tips for learning how to build self-love and change your relationship with yourself.

1. Know that you don’t need to like yourself to love yourself. 

You love your dog even if it pees on the carpet. You love your family …

How to Relax Your Mind: Using Mala Beads for Meditation


Why is it so hard to be still? One of the best things we can do for ourselves as far as calming our nerves, identifying limiting beliefs, or quieting the inner critic is sitting down and meditating. When you meditate, you learn that you’re the quiet observer, not the pack of rabid squirrels mud-wrestling in your frontal lobe and producing enough craziness to make you want to just give up and get a lobotomy. Many people find this difficult, however, and using a set of mala beads for meditation is a great way to help yourself focus on quieting your …

Learning How to Play With Coyote Energy


February in Massachusetts is peak coyote breeding season. I know, because I can hear it, and it sounds like a lot of fun. There’s a gajillion of them out in our fields, whooping it up and driving our dog crazy, even though she’s neutered. Coyote energy is wild and loud.

Even though the noise is really freaky, it’s pretty cool to hear the presence of creatures, since there really doesn’t seem to be much going on around here in Winter. I’m sure everything’s still here, biding their time just like we are, but if you’re looking for any meaningful contact …

Living in the Moment With Chicken Energy

As you meander about your immediate surroundings, you will find yourself encountering many other entities from which there is much to learn. Here in New England in Winter though, the pickings are slim. We’ve got coyotes, squirrels, and the occasional hungry hawk, but somehow it seems more appropriate to start with a beloved creature in the domestic arena who’s close enough to visit in slippers: the not-so-wild chicken. Chickens have a lot to teach you about living in the moment.

What, you ask, can you learn from the chicken? 

1. Love is everywhere. Have you ever hugged a chicken? No? …