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How to Motivate Yourself– Five Tips for Helping You Achieve Your Goals

One of the big challenges we all have is how to motivate ourselves to do the things we KNOW we need to do, the things we know will give us more energy if we just did them. How do you stoke the fire, light a flame under your ass, make yourself invest the energy to get something going and follow through?

Here are five ways to get a handle on this:

1. Motivation Starts With Intention

Motivation starts with intention. It’s hard to motivate yourself if you don’t know what you want, and even harder if you don’t remember what …

Dealing with Misfortune; How to Survive and Thrive

Most of the time when people come in for coaching or for a tarot reading they’re looking for help. Things aren’t going the way that they want them to, or maybe they are, but whatever transition or transformation that they’re going through is causing them suffering and sleepless nights. Sometimes even low-level dissatisfaction, if it’s constant, can really eat away at us.

How do you deal when something bad happens or if you’re caught in some form of misery that you can’t seem to shake? Here’s some suggestions:

There’s a difference between pain and suffering.

Pain is a natural response …

How to Find Your Own Voice

This month we've been talking about going within and finding your own voice, but sometimes that's easier said than done. When we've spent so much time trying to live up to our own and other people's expectations it's often hard to figure out at heart, what we really want and think. Here's some advice for separating out other people's voices you've internalized from your own.

  • Reread your journal. It's easy to write journal entry after journal entry and then never look at them again. But your journal is a treasure trove of the real you. Sometimes we may say the same

Five Ways to Set and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

On the Facebook groups I'm on, I commonly see questions about setting boundaries. Some people, especially empaths, worry about how to keep other people's energy from getting to them. Others just want to know how to keep other people from treating them like crap.

In order to set proper boundaries, we need to know what they are. Then, we need to know when we need one--and after that, how do we set and maintain them?

Boundaries are a really interesting concept that's best understood in terms of the expansion and contraction of the Empress and Emperor. Instead of a fence or a

Five simple ways to help hold yourself accountable

Around this time of year, we've made a number of resolutions and kept, well, maybe not all of them. Just because it's a new year doesn't mean we have any more skills for getting stuff done. Add in a lack of novelty and a stomach flu or two, and suddenly things aren't looking so good for our hero.

So one of the big questions people around now is about how to get more done and how to hold themselves accountable for the goals they set. How do you drop the guilt and just get stuff done again?​

Now, this can

What’s a Life Coach?

"What the heck is a life coach," is one of the most common questions I get other than "Why don't we have any good snacks," and "Where are my socks?" (These questions are from my kids - if you ask me these things I will NOT have a good answer to give you, though I could make something up that will amuse us both). Answering a question about life coaching is something that I can answer -- though what you need from a life coach will totally depend on you and your situation.

People generally know what a psychologist is,