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Personal Wisdom from Raising Chickens


"It was my favorite chicken!"

I've heard those words over and over after the various ways in which various chickens of ours have crossed the rainbow bridge into chicken Valhalla. It's always the favorite one. We've had rounds of chickens--largely a sequence of increasingly inbred miniature ones (this was not the plan) and currently a flock of six full-sized ones that look freaking huge in comparison.

Every now and then a hawk gets one, or a fisher cat, or one just drops dead for no apparent reason. We've had chicks, and enjoyed their adorable fluffiness--but inevitably, only about 2/3

Structure vs. Abundance

It's been interesting this past month thinking about pure generativity versus form, creating versus forming, yang vs. yin. I was originally just going to write about the male and female aspects of parenting, but went down the rabbit hole and started thinking 

​about expansion and contraction, equal and opposing forces, and the whole idea of boundaries. I'm on a few parenting boards where there's a whole lot of discussion about freedom versus structure, and what people need in order to grow properly.

I'm led to think about how some people, when writing poetry, prefer to write in strict forms like

The Fool’s Dog

Every year, I resolve to make  a new web site. I do all sorts of epic stuff, and then...well, shit happens. Somewhere in the process of excreting multiple child-sized life forms, I agreed that I would a) keep them alive, b) drive them everywhere, and c) ratchet my brain back to default setting at least once every week. 

I don't know where anything is, ​Wordpress is making me angry, and yet, I can remember EVERY lyric to possibly every Duran Duran song. This does not feel like progress.

Such is the life of The Fool.

As much as the Fool