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Tarot for Teddy: Facing a Challenge

Teddy seemed a bit more depressed this time I saw him than usual. He'd been working hard at building a relationship with his live-in duck girlfriend, Anatra, at the same time as building their business. The last time I saw him he was stressed out but happy -- this time he just looked tired.

"I feel like I'm doing a crappy job of everything," he said. "I haven't finished any projects, and Anatra is stressed out too. I was always good at getting things done, and she was always happy when we were together before. I just don't know if this

Tarot for Teddy: How to Have Compassion for Yourself and Others

This is a continuation of the series in which we use the tarot to help our stuffed friend, Teddy, navigate his life challenges.

With a monthly theme about how to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, it's fitting that Teddy came to me without a particular question but just wondering how to deal better with life in general. "I'm too hard on myself, I know that," he said. "And it's non stop, no matter whether good things are happening or bad things. Is there a way I can just stop doing this, maybe?"

"It's a long process, but

Tarot for Teddy: Quick 3-Card Questions

One of my main goals as a life coach is to help people find their inner wisdom. This is usually buried beneath layers of personality we create to impress other people, limiting beliefs we've inherited or developed, and general insecurity or unfamiliarity with our own voice. I'm not here to give advice, or tell you what to do, but to help you figure out for yourself what's right for you. A good tarot reading is very much the same -- ironically, some people will complain "you didn't tell me anything I didn't already know!"

You'd think that if you know

Tarot for Teddy–The Heart and the Head

Teddy has made huge strides in his life--so it surprised me when he called me and showed up for our session looking like total crap. It turns out, that in the process of moving in with his duck girlfriend and starting a new business, he'd neglected to tell me that he hadn't quit his day job. "It was fine for a while," he said, "but now I feel like I'm going to rip all my hair out. I'm driving myself crazy trying to figure out what to do!"

"OK, Ted," I said. ​"What are you thinking?"

He sighed. "I'd really

Tarot for Teddy: Coaching Through a Block

Most of us are pretty familiar with the feeling of wanting to move full speed ahead in an area of our life, but feeling somehow blocked. Often, it's very hard to identify that block, and even if we do, it's even more difficult to envision a way past it, to move of the territory of the usual stories we tell ourselves into new terrain.

Teddy came to me this month with this kind of issue. He'd made so much progress in his business and in his personal life, but felt like he'd hit a rock. He was enjoying working for

Tarot for Teddy: A Bridging Spread

In life coaching, the goal is to help you work through your shit. This isn't always fun, and sometimes problems prove to be so intractable that no matter how much we go at them, we don't seem to get anywhere. 

This is when working with metaphor can really help. Metaphors are something that stand in for something else, that represent it in an often fantastical, creative way. Then we can play with the problem (note the word "play") in a way that's much less serious than before. We can either try to solve the problem in the land of metaphor

Tarot for Teddy: Finding a Mentor

Teddy was a bit busy and overwhelmed this month, but at the same time he was feeling kind of antsy with the onset of spring and warmer weather. Starting a new business with his duck friend reminded him of how good it was to take risks and learn new things, and he was wondering where in the rest of his life he might be overlooking the need to shine in some light and learn some new tricks.

I suggested we do a simple reading this time to give him some food for thought. We used the Wild Unknown deck with

Tarot for Teddy: Uniting the Masculine and Feminine

Be the Balloon Tarot Spread

Last month Teddy came to me because he was starting a business with his duck friend Anatra and needed some help navigating that transition. When I checked in with him this month, he was unusually silent, even for a stuffed bear. I hoped things weren't going badly for him. 

"Everything's going just great," he said, ​and started to choke on his coffee.

Once he settled down, I asked him what he wanted to talk about. If everything was going well, what was bothering him?

"Well, that's the issue," he said. "Everything's changing, everything's better. But I don't know what to

Tarot for Teddy – Going Within & Going Without

Last month we introduced our new client, Teddy. He was suffering in silence with an unrequited crush on his acquaintance, a stuffed duck. We sent him off with perhaps a little more confidence in himself and a broader view of the situation.

Well, Ted has made quite the progress in his life this past month. He has begun not only a personal relationship with his friend Anatra, but also a business one. The two of them, he explained, have started a pet snack company called Seriusly Quackers -- and he is totally terrified. "I'm a quiet bear," he said. "I'm

Tarot for Teddy – The Three-Card Reality Check

While people can work with tarot cards individually, it's most common that you'll work with at least a few at a time. An arrangement of tarot cards is called a "Spread," and each spread is usually designed to either answer a specific category of question, or be a workhorse for asking pretty much any kind of question.

If you go for a tarot "reading," the reader will have you ask a question and then blindly choose cards from the deck. The reader will then put them down in the spread for you as you choose them and interpret the spread based on