Change Your Energy, Change Your Life

February 6, 2018

Modern physics tells us we are a collection of atoms and energy patterns, which makes the concept of identity much more changeable than we thought. If who we are is not set in stone, but a matter of the sum of our vibrations, then making simple changes in our lives can have huge and  meaningful consequences. 

Often we fail in our intentions or goals because we try to do big things drastically differently instead of little things just enough to matter. We want a change, not a shift, so we try too hard and give up too soon. Do you insist on seeing the 6-pack of abs, being "more productive," or giving up snacks? What if instead, you exercised just long enough to feel your blood moving, found some awesome music to work to, or treated yourself to your favorite smoothie instead of chips? 

Most of the changes that have any chance of having an effect go through our heart. They feel good, and connect us to a desire which we may not have known we even had. Enjoying a few minutes of exercise makes you a person who loves to exercise -- even if it's only for a short time. And you could you be if you're that person instead of the one forcing themselves to do something they don't like? 

When something resonates with our heart, it shifts our energy so that new things become possible. Old habits suddenly seem tired and unfulfilling, and our identity is not longer stuck in what our ego made it out to be. That little bit of expansion is often enough to give us hope and excitement and jolt us out of the doldrums and self-sabotage. 

What can you do just a little bit differently?