Cool Thing–Awesome Planner Supplies

September 28, 2017

So if you're into planners, organization, and journaling, the next best thing to the actual journal or planner is finding nifty stuff to use with it. Pens, ink, stickers, oh my! Here's some of my favorite sources for accessories:

  • Jetpens. This is my favorite source for fountain pen ink (iroshizuku is my favorite kind), pencil cases, sticky notes, and office supplies in general. They have all sorts of cute stuff, and they ship incredibly fast. The sheer amount of stuff on this site is somewhat overwhelming, but they do have blog posts introducing you to new items and comparing things like similar pens.
  • MochiThings. Similar to JetPens, but more cutesy and slightly less overwhelming. They have adorable animal-themed cases, washi tape of all kinds, and phone cases.
  • Tombow USA. They don't have a lot that you can't get on Amazon, but their new products will show up here first. You still can't get the Tombow Twintone Marker Sets anywhere else. These are dual-tip markers with a fine and a thicker tip that are great because you can use the fine tip for normal writing  but doodle or draw boxes in your planner with the thicker ends.
  • Pipsticks. Yes, you can get stickers at Michaels, but getting an envelope of stickers sent to you monthly is more fun. They give you a good range of stickers, often with a theme of the month. Having a good stockpile of stickers does make it more likely that you'll fun things up with them.  
  • Michaels. It used to be that Michaels had a wide variety of general craft or scrapbooking items, but they seem to be trying hard to cater to the specialty planner/notebook crowd. I used to buy the Erin Condren planner yearly, but poor customer service combined with  the high price turned me off recently. The Happy Planners at Michaels seem to replicate this style of planner pretty closely at a fraction of the price, and there's a vast range of accessories for them which are pretty easily transferable to whatever system you're using. They've also got a small but good selection of specialty pens. Their prices are often fairly high, but if you use the 40% off one item coupon that they put out regularly then that sweetens the deal.