Cool Thing–Essential Oil Case

Last month I talked to you about the new planner I was getting, and how excited about it I was. Well, I've gotten it and done the "Dreambook" portion of it (short of the converting goals to projects part), and I'm psyching myself up for actually using the darn thing.

The problem is, I've tried various planners before, and the weak link has always been the discipline of sitting down and putting stuff in them for the week, instead of looking at the weekly spread somewhere around Wednesday and going "oh, shit." So I wanted to figure out a way to support myself in approaching this differently. The Dragontree material makes a point about  making planning a pleasant ritual - because  doing that turns it into something you enjoy and do regularly instead of a chore that you don't. 

I've got a bunch of essential oils and roller balls that I've been meaning to play around with, so I decided I'd make myself a "plan and focus" blend to add a scent component to help me settle in and churn my goals into actual tasks for the week. And while I was at it, I also made a grounding blend, and a few other mixes including a totally divine blend of blue lotus, patchouli, and jasmine.

Then, I found this awesome little essential oil case on Amazon. It holds six bottles or rollerballs (plenty of space for the ones I made and some favorite perfumes), and has enough space in the middle for other items. I've got a tin of teabags in there, a set of mala beads, and some oracle cards. It fits in my purse, and can also sit beside my computer without taking up too much space. 

So now, aside from adding a little burst of color to my planning process, I've got everything I need for an awesome little planning ritual, or just a pick-me up during the day. I can't wait to start planning!