Cool Thing – Fight Spring “Meh” with Free Tarot-based Life Coaching Email Readings

In order to celebrate what will be four months (can you believe it!) of getting my blog posts written a month ahead of time, never mind at all, I'm going to do something FUN!

For the rest of the month, I'm offering free tarot-based life coaching email readings, done first-come-first-serve.​

What, say you, is that?​

It's a fun way​ to get in on all the fun Teddy's been having and learn something yourself.

How does it work? Email me and let me know you want to work with me. Then,  email me back with an area of low satisfaction, an issue you're trying to deal with, AND a specific question. Good questions are those that give you some insight on what choices you might have, what you might be missing, how to deal with a situation. A lot of the time, especially when we're working with the low motivation and overwhelm of early spring , we  just say "Meh!" and don't do anything because, you know, NetFlix and chocolate.

But lighting a fire under ourselves can be fun, especially when pictures and stories and discussions are involved. Letting any kind of light into the process helps us look at things differently, or make connections we otherwise would not have seen. It's also a lot easier to start delving into our own issues with a visual hook as someplace to start with.

After I hear from you, I will email you back a "reading," which is basically a picture of cards laid out in a way specific to your question, and a description of what the cards suggest to me. I'll also ask you what *YOU* see, and how you think things are applicable to you or not. Then, when you've had some time to process it, we can discuss it by email or phone and together come up with some action items.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!​ 


With a free life coaching tarot  card session