Cool Thing: Where to Get Images for SoulCollage®

If you've attended a SoulCollage® workshop or done your own work with collage, you know it can be hard to find the imagery you like, never mind stockpile enough to choose from when you just want to play. But where can you find pictures? You can buy them in bulk as collage packs from places like Etsy or other online retailers, but you don't know what you're getting or how much of the pack you'll like.

Generally, you're looking for four types of imagery. Backgrounds, People, Animals, and Miscellaneous. The SoulCollage® process involves combining these images into cards that have a particular meaning or voice for you. Having a good variety will allow you to play around with putting images together without feeling restricted or feeling like you have to stop working on a card because you're missing the image you want.

Magazines are a good place to start, because they're relatively specialized, and some of them have gorgeous imagery. But you can end up with quit a lot of magazines just looking for a few images, and the magazines that have a lot of good imagery tend to be pricy. I don't know when magazines started to cost over ten dollars, but some of them have gotten ridiculous.

A better option is to scout the shelves of the discount books at your local bookstore. ​Coffee table books that no one else seems to want are great sources of large quantities of images, at a pretty affordable price point. Also, if you're looking for themes, like animals, forests, or food, you'll find plenty.

On my last foray, ​I found an encyclopedia of animals, as well as a book of roses and another full of day of the dead art. Woohoo! The only downside is these darned books are heavy. On the other hand, lugging grocery bags of used magazines aren't much lighter!