Dare Ratly

May 15, 2014

U01rKryg2eHWZT61.jpgIn an Oprah article, Martha Beck writes about a study on rats that shows that rats kept in tight and joyless (by rat standards) quarters with access to both morphine water or plain water choose the drugged water, while rats in spacious, well-decked out enclosures (a rat park, as you will) full of wheels and other means of rodent fun go for the plain water.

What you put in your life matters. Is your life a theme park, or are you living in a cheap ten-gallon aquarium? What engaging rides and swaggy lounge areas can you supply yourself with?

Many of our personal issues either result from or are made worse by efforts at self-medicating. If you find yourself doing things “just to make me feel better,” try something that’s new and fun. Plan out your own rat park and put in something that makes your heart pound with joy. Dare Ratly!