Dive Deep, Rise Up

October 8, 2019

As you undertake the hard work of unearthing what’s in your depths, it’s easy to feel scared and insecure. Stuff that you’ve been repressing and ignoring for years is going to your life, somehow, and that’s a pretty frightening thought. It doesn’t help that most of our mythologies view the darkness as bad, and protagonists such as Persephone passive and naive at best. 

But we’re made of stardust, and what lies in our own personal underworlds is no less beautiful. The terrain of our deepest heart space can be a magical, wonderful place, full of juicy secrets and possibilities. How you think of things affects how you will act, and what you will get out of what you’re doing. Instead of being fearful, learn to dance in the depths. Open your eyes, be a curious traveler, and be prepared to surface with items of immeasurable value. 

Sometimes the hardest work we cam do is learning to love ourselves, even the worst stuff that likes in the stinking pit of our soul. But you can do it!