Do I Need a Life Coach?

March 6, 2019
Do i need a life coach

Theres's so many self-help options out there these days, so how do you know whether you need a life coach? Here are five reasons you might need -- and want -- one!

1) You've been to a therapist and feel like you're just rehashing the same old stories, or digging for trauma that isn't there. Therapists are great, and necessary, if you have mental health issues that need that need to be addressed or if you have not processed important events in your life. Sometimes, though we don't need to talk about the same old stuff. We need to get to a new head space. A life coach can help you with this.

2) You need accountability. Yes, you can figure out some stuff by yourself, and you've read a gerbil lion self-help books. But where has that gotten you? Do you need someone to call you out on your own shit, or help you figure out why you're not doing what you said you were going to do? Get a life coach.

3) You're "stuck," and you don't know why or how. Often, we hold ourselves back by limiting beliefs we don't even know we have. And sometimes they're not even ours, just ones we've had passed down to us by other people! A life coach can help you dig these out and dispel them.

4) You want to make your life better. If your car isn't working optimally, you go to the mechanic. If you're feeling sluggish, you go the doctor and maybe get some vitamins prescribed. There's no reason to settle for "meh" in your life when you can work with someone who will help you improve it. And, the best thing is that they can teach you tools so you can do it for yourself. 

5) You're worth it! Many of us will go to a spa to indulge our bodies, but what about our minds and spirit? It's well worth investing a little time and money into revitalizing them, too.  Working with someone even just occasionally can refresh and renew you.

I'm happy to work with you no matter what reasons you have. I love helping people make the best of their lives and live into their authentic selves!