Embrace the Sacred

March 15, 2018

It's crazy how daily life poses a huge challenge to maintaining a spiritual life, even (or especially) if your spirituality is reality-or nature based. If you don't feel the calling to go to a church or a temple, and figure that the world is your church, well--sometimes that doesn't always work so well.

For me, the world is my car, which is full of weird shit like a chinese phrasebook, books that need to go to the studio, and and an old, sticky copy of Jackie Chan's "Master With Cracked Fingers". The world is my kitchen, which has a spatchcock chicken sitting out that everyone thinks is too bizarre to eat, way too much kombucha, and occasional raiding children.

I need a quieter world, sometimes. It's interesting that the (secondary) definition of "Sacred" is "devoted exclusively to one service or use (as of a person or purpose)." I don't think I have anyplace that is devoted to one use -- even my bathroom has five pound weights in it.

So for me, the sacred is a place which, if it were ruled by a saint would be "Our Lady of Absolutely No Multitasking Now, and I Really Mean It." It's necessary to have a place that's a time-out-of-time, where all you get to do is sit, and be. Regardless of what your spiritual inclination is, unless you're a whirling Sufi dervish I'm pretty sure that's the foundation of all forms of higher connection. "Sit Still, and Shut Up" makes a pretty good mantra, actually.

What does your sacred space look like? Do you have one?