Goals are great things, but once you set them you run into the difficulty of figuring out how to support yourself in getting there. What can you do to make it more likely you'll succeed? How can you remove or overcome the blocks to success? This is one thing a life coach can help you with, but if you want to do some work on your own  you can use a deck of tarot cards to help you.

One of the big problems with making personal progress is not knowing how to break down a situation into pieces you can examine, or not seeing the small ways in which you are either strong or weak. You can discover these things by journaling, but sometimes it's hard to hit pay dirt if you don't start out with any focus.

Because tarot cards illustrate the different areas and situations in our lives, they give you something to start with. ​Our brains are wired to see patterns--but there has to be something to see, first. Put down a few cards in front of you and you will see things that have some meaning to you. Even if you read the description of the card in the "little white book" and decide it totally does not apply to you, chance are that it will trigger an idea that does.

Instead of ​talking about all the different cards, we're going to focus on just the four suits and how they can help you home in on your strengths and challenges.  Because they cover the major areas of our lives, they help us pinpoint specific areas on which to focus. You can do this by asking a question, seeing what card comes up, and reflecting on that card's suit and meaning, or you can get a little more complicated and address the four areas of your life,  asking one or two questions for each. 

Regardless, here are the four suits and their meanings, and examples of how they might apply to you. Different decks may have different suits, but for the most part they correspond to the following.

SWORDS -- Thought, ego, the arena of the mind. There are many ways this component is necessary to making personal progress. As we talked about in a previous post, have you clearly elucidated the "why" behind what you say you want? If you're starting a business, do you have a mission statement, or a clear idea of who you are, what you do, and who your clients are? 

If you're feeling stuck, do you have limiting beliefs that are holding you back? Are you the kind of person whose primary window to involvement and emotional connection is intellectual?​ If so, maybe learning more or taking the time to read some books will get you moving again.

WANDS--Spirit, creativity, the arena of motivation and energy. Having a goal or a  great idea isn't enough. You need to have the desire and creative power to make it happen . In various stages of a project this can be an exciting challenge or a burden, and it's good sometimes to get feedback about where you are in this. If you're feeling burdened and overwhelmed, is there a way to get back to the initial excitement of the project? Maybe your perception of lack of progress is just that you're really excited but reality has to catch up to you. 

CUPS--feelings, emotion, our inner depths and intuition. It can be hard to pinpoint how we really feel about things sometimes, since we tend to discount our own emotions in our desire to just move full speed ahead. Are you working on too many projects and finding you're not loving any of them? Have you really committed to what you say you want to do? Do you need more emotional support?

DISKS-The material works, our homes, careers, personal resources. There can be a lot here to examine. Do you need a pretty planner and nice pens to get motivated to get organized? Do you need logistical support systems? Maybe you need to just get to work and not worry about whether your idea is good or if you really like what you do yet. Is working out of home too distracting or inefficient? Maybe you need to find an office.