This is a little late in the holiday buying season, but I wanted to share some of my favorite thing that would make great gift ideas in case you’re still looking for that special something to give a friend.

  1. Do you have a friend who loves poetry, especially Mary Oliver? I don’t read poetry much these days, but after coming across Molly Remer’s books I think I should. You can find them on Amazon here but if you purchase them from her store Brigid’s Grove on Etsy then she makes more money off the sale, and you’re supporting a small family business.
  2. Your friends will thank you (or curse you) if you get them addicted to the wonderful leather journal covers from Chic Sparrow. They come in all sorts of sizes and leathers, and they sell and feel wonderful. They also have handbags and pouches, all made with care and the best quality. Get one for yourself. You’ll thank (or curse) me.
  3. I came across wxy oudh incense at a little shop in Salem, and fell in love. It’s a little bit of a splurge, but it comes in a reusable concrete box with a brass plate for burning the incense. The whole setup looks so simple and gorgeous, and has really elevated my morning routine. And even better, the box is reusable and fits a small tarot deck. Squee! The cheapest I’ve found it is here at Terma Goods.
  4. Everybody needs a Grumpy Japanese Frog Shirt, available here from the MinistryOfFrogs on Etsy.
  5. This Palo Santo Spray with Rose & Wild Tobacco smells absolutely amazing. Whether you’re using it to energetically clear a room or the cat just farted, you’ll love it. Get it here from HanaqPacha on Etsy, and make sure you get yourself some.
  6. This caddy from Amazon, is supposed to be a baby diaper caddy (Parker Baby Diaper Caddy) but its wonderfully minimalistic but strong felt look is perfect for storing journals near your couch or all those books you’re intending to read. It’s also perfect for planner or art supplies. And at only $20, it’s a steal.
  7. Anything from JetPens. You can even shop by color, and get someone turquoise Pilot Iroshizuku Ka-juku ink and a Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop fountain pen in like one minute flat. This place is deadly–crack is probably cheaper, ultimately.
  8. The Analog productivity system from Ugmonk. They have a starter kit as well as a felt travel pouch. Its a little spendy but it’s so well-designed and dammit, it works.
  9. The Spirit Cats Moon + Sun 2023 Calendar from Nicole Piar, available at her Etsy Shop is just the right size to fit by a desk or a coffeemaker and provide a whimsical note to keeping track of the days. It has astrological data and the moon phases and is the kind of smallish second calendar that someone can always use. The artwork is so sweet and uplifting.
  10. If you want to make something yourself, this sloth planter/planthanger pattern from Corrieneeltjeshop works up really quickly. I’ve seen many other patterns, but this one was the cutest. The gauge doesn’t really matter, so it’s easy to find a yarn to work with.