Hold that Intention

January 4, 2016

Good gosh. It’s the 4th. By this time a good number of us have made our intentions, failed, and are already in the initial stages of year-long self-flagellation and dismay. What’s deal?

Way too often, we set ourselves up for failure by undermining ourselves from the get-go. First, we view an intention as just a thought, a written-down expectation. But real progress, or any kind of motion happens due to potential energy. a ball on top of a roof will fall if rolled. A ball on the ground will just sit there. In order for an intention to have any power, it has to be invested with feeling and desire.

But how does that work? You said I’d exercise, but at the moment you don’t really *want* to. Does that mean you did it wrong, and you should just give up? According to Byron Katie, there’s no point fighting reality, because you’ll always lose. You don’t need to want to do what you said you’d do in order to do it. You just need to do it. You didn’t say you wanted to exercise because you like getting out of your warm pajamas and going out into the cold until you can’t feel your fingers.

Chances are, though, that if you made that intention, there’s something in it for you, but something that takes a little time to experience. In this case, maybe, the physical joy of feeling your own breath move through your body, or perhaps the slow increase in self esteem as you feel yourself getting stronger.

At the beginning, though, what pumps up that intention is pure imagination and attention. Imagine how you’ll feel, what it’s like to do THAT THING. You might even be better off sitting on your but and nurturing that intention without even pursuing it at all until it’s got enough juice.

Then jump.