How to Enjoy Your Life More

April 15, 2014
enjoy your life more

It's easy to dismiss the people who always look on the dark side of life, but the fact is we all do it. Current brain research indicates that our brains skew to the stick side of the world instead of the carrot. Evolutionarily, this makes sense: success depended far more on worrying that the noises you heard were a bear about to attack you than spending your time thinking that Caveman Og's smile meant true love. Our brains are wired to notice potential threats way more than they are to chill out and enjoy the moment.

What this means is it's up to you to right the ratio. If you want to increase your well-being, you need to direct your attention toward positive experiences. It's not enough to wait for them to happen, piggy-back on other people's happiness, or keep an anemic gratitude journal. You need to actively participate in an experience, whether you create it or share it. Feel how it feels, so you can recreate it later, too.

You don't need to feel inspired to do this, or even believe that it will make a difference. The things you do don't need to be huge -- pet a puppy. Eat some good cheese. 

Do this a few times a day, and you'll see your life improve. If the glass is half empty, don't bemoan your lack of liquid. Fill It.