How to Keep a Journal

January 16, 2017

Whether you're working with a life coach or on your own, keeping a journal is a good idea. You need a place where you can vent, ask questions, write down things you've learned, and more importantly where you can look back and see your progress.Journals are tricky though--finding the right one is key.

You want something personal and worthy of the work you're putting into it, something that can be a sacred space in an otherwise crazy busy life. On the other hand, if it's too nice or expensive or fancy, you'll be too terrified to even write in it for fear of ruining it. And that's dumb.From several years of journaling, I've found what works best for me, and that's something fairly cheap and standardized that I can personalize easily.

I prefer cahier-sized Moleskines (the ones that are about 8x10). It's easy to find a nice piece of scrapbook paper to customize the cover on the cheap, or to photocopy a picture or card that has personal meaning. The paper is nice, it fits in a bag well, and it's easy to store them when you finish one and start another. If you use an Evernote-enabled one, you can take pictures of your pages and be able to search them later as long as you have Evernote Premium. Or, you can just write neatly and then go over them later and highlight stuff you think is important.Mostly, the way to keep a journal is pretty much exactly like the way to keep a friend. Pay it attention. Love it. Give it your best and your worst, and then thank it for being there. And if you spill coffee on it, know that it loves you.