Is Life Coaching Right For Me?

If you watch sports, or go to little league games, you're familiar with what a coach does. A coach helps you train better, push yourself harder, improve your physical development, or achieve an athletic goal. Some people even have personal trainers at their gym to keep them on course.

We hire coaches because we have goals -- we have an end point we want to achieve, even if it's just a waypoint in a greater process, whether hitting a certain weight, earning a karate belt, or winning a tournament, and we know darned well it's a lot easier to keep ourselves on track with a little bit of help and accountability. Or maybe we're climbing a mountain and need a sherpa to guide us and help carry our burdens.

Yet, in our ordinary lives, we often muddle about and then wonder why we feel unfulfilled. Why not treat your life as the same grand adventure as an athletic pursuit or wild safari? It's easy to get caught up in the daily chores and work and lose track of our passion for life or our identity.

Do you feel like you're walking in the wilderness, lost in the dark with nothing but your thoughts and the howling of coyotes to fill the darkness? Do you sense that your real self is out there, but feel like you have no idea how to call to it?

I can help lead you through the thickets of your life and find the scent of your soul and right life. Together, we'll work through thoughts and situations that are keeping you from finding your direction. I'll help you create the space to follow those tracks, one by one, and hold your hand as the wind howls and your courage wavers.

I am based in the Boston area but am available by Skype or phone. I especially enjoy working with women or men trying to make it through the parenting years, with home or alternative schoolers, or with creative and artistic people trying to find their own voice and work through periods of "stuckness."

If you'd like to know more, please check out my free consultations. I look forward to hearing from you!​