Journal Post for June–Stop and Go

This month we've been talking about moving forward with our goals, and getting stuck or blocked, and how to understand and work with both when they happen to us. 

For this month's journal, we'll work with metaphor. Sometimes when we bring a problem over to "the imaginary world," and describe it in imagery, or in metaphor as "like" something else, we can make a breakthrough and find a solution--or at least a little more perspective. ​Sometimes we're the car, and sometimes we're the bird 🙂

This challenge has two parts:

  • First, describe what it's like to be "in the flow," or moving ahead, feeling at your best.
  • Second, write about the opposite--what is it like to be stuck, stopped, or otherwise stymied.

Get as descriptive as you can, with sight, smell, sound, etcetera, and feel free to imagine yourself as anything. If you have a particular "stuck" situation you're dealing with right now, use that. If you're just feeling a little sluggish, use the "full steam" description to keep on hand and help get yourself going.