Journal Prompt

We're going to do the journal prompt early this month, to really get you into the feel of what balance is for you and how to make adjustments in your life  to get there. We're also going to get a little arty, because who says journals have to be all about words? You don't need lots of materials, just maybe some crayons, or a few pens or pencils of different colors.

First, let's write about what your current life feels to you in terms of how you experience the relationship between different areas of your life. Be specific, describe what it feels like, and see if you can get a visual image of what it might look like. You don't need to draw yet!

Now, sit quietly for a few minutes, and think about what balance might feel like to you--imagine you are living your ideal life and everything is just right. What image could you draw that would represent that to you?

After you draw it, see how you can use that image to help you reframe, retool, or just understand your life as it is now.

Here's an example. When I did this exercise, I drew a sun -- the center, a circle, in cool blue and green. Around it were small triangles in yellow and orange. I realized that instead of feeling pulled apart at the seams by all my projects and commitments, I could view myself as sitting in the cool center, and taking brief forays into different aspects of life. I could always come back to center. This made me feel way more in control, and let me think about things differently.

I'd love to hear what you come up with!