Keeping New Year’s Resolutions, Part 2: Release

January 16, 2018

Last week we talked about looking back at the past and trying to really see and understand what got us to this point in order to understand how to move forward with keeping New Year's Resolutions. But once you do that, what do you do with all that you've found?

If you just dig up the past, you're going to feel like crap. Standing in a manure pile doesn't help anyone. What you need to do is to make peace and let go of all that stuff. This is easier said than done. We have an investment in hanging on to our story -- it's what we tell people to explain why we are who we are. If we could just change our story, then we don't have anyone to blame. We also don't have to fear failure if we don't really try because we have "all this baggage, which is keeping me from succeeding." 

Another reason people don't let go of the past is that we feel like if we do, we're letting people who have hurt us off the hook, and we hate the idea of that. If we could so easily forgive and move on, then that means that what happened to us wasn't really that bad, right? It's important to realize that letting go of the past in no way lessens the difficulties we've survived or the responsibility anyone else has for their actions toward us. It just means that we, for ourselves, want to free our soul from the weight of other people's karma. 

Sometimes we don't move forward because we're just carrying too much baggage. See what you can let go, what you can place back in the past where it belongs. Be you, not your history.