Keeping New Year’s Resolutions Part 4: Support

January 30, 2018
new year's resolutions Part 3

Once you've let go what you don't need, understood your past, and created real goals out of your new year's intentions, the next step is to figure out how you can support yourself in your efforts. Here's five ways you can do that:

  1. Understand the difference between motivation an discipline. Your motivation is pretty high early in the year, especially after you've psyched yourself up to do something -- but that motivation will flag. You won't feel like doing the thing, and may not remember why you wanted to in the first place. This is where discipline comes in. Don't beat yourself up about how you feel or don't feel, just get to work. There's much less exhausting drama if you just show up each day.
  2. Keep yourself accountable. Use a notebook to write down daily what you do to advance your goal and to mark down successes and challenges. It's easier to get to a goal if you do a little bit every day even just to keep it in your mind. Also, seeing what you've done in the past and being able to see your progress can be a huge source of motivation.
  3. Use scent. Scent is a huge trigger and motivator, and can get you in the mindset of a particular activity almost instantly. If you want to meditate more, lighting a special incense can relax you and ease you into it quickly. When I head off to karate, I use my Warrior Perfume from Sage Goddess. The palo santo and black patchouli ground me and remind me of my commitment to myself, even if I'm tired and don't feel like going.
  4. Connect with other people. Sometimes supporting yourself doesn't work, or isn't enough. Nothing beats seeing other people check in with what they've done, or chime in with a pat on the back for you on your good and your bad days. And, if you forget to log something in your notebook, you'll have another record of it.
  5. Remember that little changes can make a huge difference. Those complicated yoga moves can seem totally out of reach, but if you keep at it, you'll get there. A little change in diet can totally affect your energy level, and even a little bit of movement can affect your mood. Little changes add up, and you never know when you'll have shifted the energy just enough to maybe even make a big change.