Let's Work Together!

Do you feel stuck in a life that's adequate, but have a feeling it could be wonderful? Can you feel the pull of an exciting future, but have no idea what it is or where to get there? I can help you venture from home camp to someplace AMAZING. As your life coach, I'm a combination of trail guide, sherpa, ass-kicker, cheerleader, and space-holder. Personal transformation does not have to be painful--sure, it can be a lot of work, but why do it without humor and fun? Let's take that wild ride off the couch and into your future.

Click on the links to explore how I can help you. In addition to having "standard" one-on-one coaching sessions, I'm offering a set of four-week "Base Camp" packages centered around specific life challenge areas. These are a great way to throw a spark into your life, experiment with life coaching, or invest in your own self-development without a major commitment. I've found that a lot of times we're so stuck we don't even know where to start, and the Base Camp package is a good way to just pick SOMETHING and get moving.

Most of my coaching is done by distance, either by phone or by Skype. Sessions can be purchased either one at a time, or in a discounted package. Sessions will be scheduled by email or soon-to-come spiffy new scheduling software, and must be paid in advance. 


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