Do You Need Parenting Coaching?

If there’s one thing common to all parenting styles, it seems to be worrying about whether you’re being a good parent or not. Parenting is hard, and we can drive ourselves crazy trying trying to be perfect or just not screw our kids up for life. I know how it is, and I can help you enjoy parenting and enjoy your kids. As an experienced homeschooling mom, I can also help people navigate the confusing waters of child rearing and home schooling without going bat-shit crazy.

This is for you if:

  • You wish you could parent differently but don’t know how?
  • You judge yourself all the time and need to work through your own shit so you can be present with your kids?
  • ​You feel like you’re going to go batshit crazy if someone asks you one more question?
  • You want to homeschool but don’t know how to start?
  • You feel like everyone’s critical and you need someone on your own side?

Through life coaching, I can help you create a happier, more peaceful life. I can help you:

  • Create space for yourself and feel listened to.
  • Challenge your limiting beliefs relating to parenting.
  • Find solutions to your issues that bring peace to you and your family.
  • Understand your own childhood issues so that you can parent from a higher perspective.

Parenting is hard work, and we’re often hard pressed to be able to have the presence of mind to parent from a place of centeredness and peace. Taking the time and space to talk through your problems and find solutions can help improve your home life and parent in a peaceful, enjoyable way. 

If you are thinking of home schooling but don’t know where to start, or need help with your homeschooling journey, I have years of experience in all manner of eclectic homeschooling. It’s easier than you think!​

Payment is $90 for individual sessions or discounted as $300 for a package of 4. Check out the “packages” tab in order to get that rate.  I look forward to working with you!

Please feel free to email me with any questions.


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