Life Coach Question: How do I Hold Myself Accountable?

Around this time of year, we've made a number of resolutions and kept, well, maybe not all of them. Just because it's a new year doesn't mean we have any more skills for getting stuff done. Add in a lack of novelty and a stomach flu or two, and suddenly things aren't looking so good for our hero.

So one of the big questions people around now is about how to get more done and how to hold themselves accountable for the goals they set. How do you drop the guilt and just get stuff done again?​

Now, this can be a challenge, because the type of people who hire life coaches tend to be a bit hard on themselves and tend to have a lot of goals. Telling them to lower their expectations isn't really what they want to hear, and it isn't the ringing catch phrase a coach wants to be known by.

But here are five tips for getting your shit done.

  • Before you set a goal, take a minute to feel what it would like to achieve it. Does it feel good, or do you really not care? This is a good way to tell whether it's something you really want to do or something you think you *should* do. Why not start with your heart's goals?
  • Don't make a goal without understanding how to break it down in terms of goals for the month, week, and day. Know how to implement something before you tie yourself to something that's well intentioned but ultimately vague.
  • Figure out how much is enough. If your goal is to be physically fit, is it enough for each day to just spend 15 minutes moving? 10? Are you really a failure because you didn't do a one hour workout program every day?
  • Be in the present, and envision yourself Doing the Thing. Connect with the positive feelings that you felt when you set the goal.
  • Sweeten the Deal. We think because we're grownups we shouldn't need rewards or encouragement. Sometimes making something just a little bit better dramatically changes how much we're really willing to do it. Don't really like sitting down with your planner at the beginning of the month? Why not make it a date at Starbucks? Look through your To-Do list and see if there's any item there you could make yourself more willing to do by modifying it a little bit. Why not?