March 6: Loving What Is

March 6, 2018
Loving What Is

Last year I worked with writing to a monthly theme, but this year I wanted something more organic, something that was more spontaneous and from the heart than just filling an empty post title on the WordPress calendar. So I figure for the moment, I'll just let my cards work as a writing prompt and come up with topics that way.

This week, we have the 2 of Water surrounded by the Kings of Air and Earth. The suit of Water, traditionally Cups, is all about relationships and emotion, and the Two talks to us about forming a healthy relationship, a heart connection, of having two souls bring out the best in each other. This can be a relationship with someone else, but it can also refer to the parts of ourselves.

And this is where the Kings come in. The Kings are masters of their domain--knowledgeable, in control, and potentially full of themselves and inflexible. The suit of Air is about our thoughts and how we communicate, and the suit of Earth is what we see in the world, the tangible things of our homes, work, and life.

Of course, there's usually a conflict between the two. We don't always like what we see or how our life is going. We're upset at the ways of the world, or maybe we just want to create something better with the strength of our will. We have thoughts about ourselves and others that we hold on to even if believing them causes us pain and stagnation. Sometimes we just don't want to accept what's in front of our own eyes. And even if we did--why should we? Doesn't that just justify it?

Byron Katie, in her several books, writes about how to reduce our own suffering by, as she calls it, "Loving What Is." There's no point, she says, in rebelling against the sheer truth of life. It's better to come to a state of acceptance and love (which, by the way, does not imply approval or the minimizing of any wrongs done) and free one's mind to do what it does best -- think of new things and ways to be.

What if, like the two fish looking at their respective kings, we could bring together the two forces of our minds and what we see in the world? What if, instead of being caught between "This is how I want it" and "This is how it is" we found a place in the middle, full of flow and possibility, and come up with something better?

Where can you create flow and reduce conflict in your life?