June is a weird month. School is over, activities are winding to an end, maybe the garden's planted, but it doesn't feel like Summer...yet. At the same time, clearly all the weeds and greenery outside has gotten the memo that it's time to go whole hog.

​I don't know about you, but at the moment I'm feeling like I'm caught in limbo between recovering from the full-speed-ahead busyness of the school year and finding a new work schedule for the Summer.

After spending so much time driving people around, my body is craving more motion, and my soul is craving flow. What I really want is days where everything feels possible, where I can get work done, eat well, get exercise, and spend time with family. And I want to be able to have that without having to expend ridiculous energy to make it happen; without feeling like life is a circus and that maybe I just got lucky this one day not being eaten by lions.

One of the things that I'm really hoping to do more of this month is Yoga, because that's a great way to experience both motion and flow in a short period of time. Even when I do just a little bit of yoga, it feels great to connect mind, body, and breath--and I'm reminded how incredibly little I do this in my everyday life.

​Many of us are highly goal oriented, or pride ourselves on how much we can get done in how little time (or, conversely, flagellate ourselves for failing to live up to unhealthy and unreasonable standards). We want to feel like we're getting somewhere, or at least keeping ahead of things. But this is not the kind of action that we can sustain for any period of time without consequence nor is it even enjoyable short of possibly an addiction to adrenaline and external validation.

What yoga teaches you, instead, is to slow down and enjoy the ride. When you quiet your mind and bring your body and breath into alignment, you can get the amazing feeling of actually enjoying being in your skin. And what if you can bring that feeling off the mat? What would it be like to slow down and respect yourself enough to learn your own rhythms and limitations and go through your day in a way that nurtures your body and contributes to your health?

This month, before the heat of the season comes in full force and camps and vacations push their way into your mind, try to take a grace period to experience "being in the flow." Slow down and appreciate your natural cycles of activity and slowness and treat yourself gently.  You may find that not only do you get everything done, but that you enjoy it more. And what a way to go into the Summer!