My Experience with SoulCollage® and JourneyCircles™

I’ve trained to facilitate classes in both SoulCollage® and JourneyCircles™ and have enjoyed learning about the difference between the two and how well they complement each other. Ultimately (soon) I’m planning on putting together themed workshops about how to use imagery and the process of making art to promote self-knowledge and empower yourself to move forward in whatever journey you need to go on. SoulCollage® cards are all about the specific energies and voices that impact your life and what they have to say to you, whereas the JourneyCirles™ really come alive in telling stories and interacting with each other in surprising ways. I’ve enjoyed making both, but I’m finding that the flexibility and complexity of the different types of JourneyCircles™ cards ends up giving me more opportunity to play. It’s easy to work with them around themes or topics (like Cycles, Shadow Work, Seasons), but also to work with them in the same way I do tarot or oracle cards–to come up with a story or a series of connections that I wouldn’t have been able to dredge up otherwise. So much fun to be had!