There's something about the beginning of November in New England that really feels like change is in the air, however cliche that might sound. This year, it's pretty literal -- the temperature's been crazy, up and down, warm and cold, and we've been switching from heat to air conditioning and back several times a day. Looking outside, though, it's clear that Winter is coming, and it's really time to put the sandals away and get out the down comforter and thicker coats.

One of the things we love about the change in seasons is the change in perspective. At least here in New England, we enjoy the variety, and everything that comes with it -- beaches in Summer, kayaking and leaf-peeping in Fall, skiing in Winter, planning the garden in Spring. But change isn't always easy, especially when we're not expecting it, or when reality is different than we expect.

Sometimes a change in perspective is thrust upon us--we look forward to winter skiing but then break our leg; our car breaks and we have to spend far more time walking and catching rides from friends; a job falls through and suddenly we have a lot of time on our hands. The Hanged Man card, the card of the month, is all about this forced change in perspective. What can you see from your new vantage point? What have you been missing all this time? What can you learn?

It's easy just to flail around when things go all topsy turvy, but sometimes relaxing into it, being still, and looking around is the thing to do. There's always something new to discover, and when you don't have a choice anyway, why not?