September 24, 2019

Self-Love is such a common term these days; it’s like the american cheese of self-help. But it’s way easier said than done. What do you need to do to love yourself? Just be REBORN and undo the limiting-beliefs, negative self-talk, and trauma over every minute of our existence. The mythical phoenix was a sacred fire bird that would live for 500 years, immolate itself, and be born anew.

So yeah–if you only had to do that every 500 years, maybe that wasn’t so bad. But for those of us who make mistakes daily and have to look at everyone else’s nearly perfect Facebook feeds, looking in the mirror daily and saying “I love you!” is not an easy task.

This is why affirmations, oracle cards, and crystals are so helpful. They seem silly, but they fall whole-heartedly in the “any help you can get” category. We desperately need companions on the journey, little ways of holding ourselves accountable to our own greater good, and reminders that we can, little by little, move towards a beautiful new self that was really there all along, just waiting to catch flame.