Special 2020 New Year Readings!

December 9, 2019

Hi everyone! I'm offering a special New Year's Reading in conjunction with free access to my online course Using the Tarot and Oracle for Self Development. I thought it would be helpful to give an example of what one of these readings might look like.

Below is an example of a reading I did for myself at the end of last year. A reading that I would do for you would be longer, with more explanation, some action items, and questions for reflection. The deck I used was the Wild Unknown--one of my favorites. 

The cards go in order, top row to bottom:

1) The previous year in summary, 10 of Wands: The card of "It seemed like a good idea a the time." Last year I definitely bit off more than I could chew, and felt overwhelmed by all these undertakings on top of ordinary responsibilities. It was good, but a very taxing, weighty year. 

2) Lessons learned from the past year, 5 of Wands: I learned a lot about balancing everyone's energies. This is also kind of how I felt -- scattered and at odds with myself, though I did also learn how to manage myself better.

3) Aspirations for the next 12 months, 10 of Cups: Yay! Everyone's happy! Cups runneth over. Keep an eye out for trying to force this or tiring yourself out trying to make everyone happy.

4) What empowers you in reaching your aspirations, Ace of Cups: Knowing that this really is a new time, a beginning, where not only is there time and space for my own cup to be filled, but also so much new possibility.

5) What may stand in the way of reaching your aspirations, Page of Wands: It's easy to jump in immaturely and be excited about things, but not have my shit together. Focus on better planning and methodology, as well as self-care and reasonable expectations.

6) Your relationships and emotions in the coming year, 3 of Wands: This is beautiful! Forming relations with others that build the viewfinder for expansion. This is a very stable card, and also the symbol for water, which suggests flow and movement. Emphasis on really trying to connect with others.

7) Your career, work and finances, The Lovers: Oh my, this suggests that both my businesses will take off and complement each other, and that there will be much energy and excitement. 

8) Your health and well-being, Page of Pentacles: This is the energy of being new in your body, enjoying the small things, and setting the stage for enjoyment and new projects. Caution though to go slowly and enjoy the process, rather than being all antsy and ADD about stuff.

9) Your spiritual energy and inner fulfillment, The Tower: Ok, then! This doesn't have to be a bad thing; I've been kind of hoping to find a new base, a new foundation to build on. I know I've also been burning the candle at both ends, and that it would be better to cultivate a slower, more nurturing way to go about things.

10) What you most need to focus on in the year ahead, 9 of Cups: Watch out for self-sabotaging ways in which I try and keep myself happy and don't be satisfied with what I have now. This is a time to push ahead, and fill the cups deliberately. Break past the plateau.

11) Your most important lesson for the coming year, 8 of Swords: I'm a butterfly. Break past limiting beliefs of who I am and any thoughts that constrict me.

12) Overall, where are you headed in the next 12 month, 8 of Wands: In reverse, this card looks like fireworks. A lot of stuff happening, quickly, also a feel of going in several different directions and really not any controlled energy.