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Structure vs. Abundance

It's been interesting this past month thinking about pure generativity versus form, creating versus forming, yang vs. yin. I was originally just going to write about the male and female aspects of parenting, but went down the rabbit hole and started thinking 

​about expansion and contraction, equal and opposing forces, and the whole idea of boundaries. I'm on a few parenting boards where there's a whole lot of discussion about freedom versus structure, and what people need in order to grow properly.

I'm led to think about how some people, when writing poetry, prefer to write in strict forms like

Faces of Parenthood: The Empress and the Emperor

After he meets the High Priestess and the Magician, the Fool moves on to the Empress and Emperor, the more earthly, material faces of the feminine and masculine in the tarot. These are the parents, the queen and the king, the one who creates life and the one who makes sure the kingdom operates precisely.

This is a hard topic to discuss when, in our society, we are trying so hard to figure out gender and sexuality and power in a way that does not marginalize, pigeonhole, or colonize anyone. It's hard to figure out what these roles have to

Parenting Ourselves: Growth and Self-discipline

March is about the stirrings of Spring, and things emerging into existence. Last month we learned a little bit about power and how we see it in ourselves, and now we start to learn how to use that power to make things happen in the world. This month also brings us to introducing the Emperor and Empress, the traditional parental figures of the Tarot. 

This raises the question again about the validity of referring to energies as "masculine" and "feminine," and how to discuss and apply those terms meaningfully if at all. Throw in any issues we have regarding our parents,