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Book Review: Living in Flow

Living in Flow, by Sky Nelson-Isaacs, is one of those books that’s a real page-turner; both because its message is so powerful and interesting and also because you’ll find yourself checking back to what you’ve already read because you’re not sure whether you still understand it or not. Subtitled “The Science of Synchronicity and How Your Choices Shape Your World,” it’s a mix of quantum physics, psychology, and metaphysics. It combines information you’ve probably already read about on “flow” with the idea that the universe is responsive to our actions.

“In a responsive cosmos, when we enter flow different circumstances

The Chariot

This month we're talking about motion and flow, and that's what the Chariot is all about. This card is all about forward motion and power, and getting shit done. It's usually depicted as a princely fellow in a fancy, canopied rig being drawn by a 

pair of white and black sphinxes. Oddly, he's not holding any reins, though he does have the same wand that the Magician does. This is someone who is in control, and calmly so -- there's no struggle here, only success and ease.

What a great card, huh? This card is all about the power of

Motion and Flow

June is a weird month. School is over, activities are winding to an end, maybe the garden's planted, but it doesn't feel like Summer...yet. At the same time, clearly all the weeds and greenery outside has gotten the memo that it's time to go whole hog.

​I don't know about you, but at the moment I'm feeling like I'm caught in limbo between recovering from the full-speed-ahead busyness of the school year and finding a new work schedule for the Summer.

After spending so much time driving people around, my body is craving more motion, and my soul is craving