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Book Review: “Soul Vows”, by Janet Conner

I occasionally peruse my bookshelves and look for “new” old books that I haven’t thought about in a while. “Soul Vows,” by Jannet Conner is a gem of a book that I did a lot of work with about six or seven years ago, and it’s struck me recently that this is a great book to read if you’re doing shadow work even though it’s technically not about shadow work at all.

Subtitled “Gathering the Presence of the Divine In You, Through You, and As You,” it comes across as a thoroughly spiritual book, not one with a psychological bent. …

Five Ways to Set and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

One of the most common issues people have is setting boundaries. They’re so used to not doing it, in fact, that they don’t even realize its a huge issue for them! Many people, especially empaths, worry about how to keep other people’s energy from getting to them. Others just want to know how to keep other people from treating them like crap. Some people, who consider themselves empaths, assume there’s no such thing as boundaries for them.

In order to set proper boundaries, we need to know what they are. Then, we need to know when we need one–and after that, …

How to Use Tarot and Oracle Cards to Coach Yourself

It’s always good to get a visual element into personal development, and using Tarot or Oracle cards is a good way to do that.

There’s a difference between the two of them, and I’ll be discussing that in another article. Right now I want to give you a few specific ways to use them in your own personal development process. You can use any deck that has images that speak to you and give your intuition room to move around in. While card meanings are useful, you don’t want to be confined by them, so sometimes cards without keywords printed …