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The Chariot and Me

The Chariot is one of those cards that I have an interesting relationship with. It comes up pretty frequently whenever I do readings for myself. Regardless of whether you think there is any mystical connection between your life, the cards, and the universe, it's pretty common when something like this happens to think that at the very least, the universe has a pretty wicked sense of humor.

I'm hoping that in explaining how this card comes up for me and what meaning that has for me will help illustrate how you can use the tarot in your own journey of

Get Closer to Your Goals Using the Tarot

Goals are great things, but once you set them you run into the difficulty of figuring out how to support yourself in getting there. What can you do to make it more likely you'll succeed? How can you remove or overcome the blocks to success? This is one thing a life coach can help you with, but if you want to do some work on your own  you can use a deck of tarot cards to help you.

One of the big problems with making personal progress is not knowing how to break down a situation into pieces you can examine,

Living the Tarot Chariot: Getting Unstuck

getting unstuck
getting unstuck

getting unstuck

It's a great feeling to be moving full speed ahead, catching the wave, swimming in the flow, or enjoying whatever kind of metaphor for awesome success happens to surface as you move warp speed toward your goal. In reality though, this feeling does not happen nearly as often as we'd like it to, and it can seem more common to feel like you're stuck in the mud.

So if you feel this way, how do you fix it? How do you get moving again? This is one of the main reasons people contact life coaches--because they're spinning their

The Chariot

This month we're talking about motion and flow, and that's what the Chariot is all about. This card is all about forward motion and power, and getting shit done. It's usually depicted as a princely fellow in a fancy, canopied rig being drawn by a 

pair of white and black sphinxes. Oddly, he's not holding any reins, though he does have the same wand that the Magician does. This is someone who is in control, and calmly so -- there's no struggle here, only success and ease.

What a great card, huh? This card is all about the power of

Motion and Flow

June is a weird month. School is over, activities are winding to an end, maybe the garden's planted, but it doesn't feel like Summer...yet. At the same time, clearly all the weeds and greenery outside has gotten the memo that it's time to go whole hog.

​I don't know about you, but at the moment I'm feeling like I'm caught in limbo between recovering from the full-speed-ahead busyness of the school year and finding a new work schedule for the Summer.

After spending so much time driving people around, my body is craving more motion, and my soul is craving