Teddy was a bit busy and overwhelmed this month, but at the same time he was feeling kind of antsy with the onset of spring and warmer weather. Starting a new business with his duck friend reminded him of how good it was to take risks and learn new things, and he was wondering where in the rest of his life he might be overlooking the need to shine in some light and learn some new tricks.

I suggested we do a simple reading this time to give him some food for thought. We used the Wild Unknown deck with the Hierophant spread from Liz Dean's "The Ultimate Guide to Tarot" to give some insight on what kind of mentor or teacher might be worth pursuing. We picked out the Hierophant, in this deck a serious-looking raven perched on a key that's being struck by lightning and placed it on the table. Then I had Teddy shuffle the deck, think about his life, and pick three cards.

Then, I placed the cards, one each to the left and right of the raven and one below. I reminded Teddy that each place represented a specific idea or question, and that the card is the answer or response. Here's the spread:

The card to the left of the raven, in this spread, is "the situation," the card to the right, "the mentor you need or the person in question," and the one below "the outcome."

The hanged man, as "the situation," made Teddy laugh. "I totally feel like that," he said. "And what's worse is I think I like it. Change makes me nervous. I like to stay home and just have everything be the same, even if I know it isn't doing me any good."​

"It's easy to get too comfortable," I said, "Though that's not what this card is really about. If you're stuck, you're stuck, and as long as you're keeping your eyes open and trying to figure out what you need to learn to get unstuck, you're better off just letting go and not struggling. But yeah, it's easy to just stay there sometimes instead of working through a painful or difficult situation."

"I'm not good at that," Teddy replied. "But there's so much change going on in my life now I think it's time to fly the cave. I can take a hint."

Next, we turned our attention to the son of swords, swooping down from the sky with his sword. According to the book, he's a well-educated, dynamic, man of action, forceful and determined. This made me think less about any particular topic or area than of a type of person who might run a motivational workshop or be a tough, challenging professor. Since Teddy could be kind of low energy, I suggested that this type of teacher might light a fire under him or give him motivation that extends into the rest of his life, and that maybe he might want to check out local workshops or classes to find such a person.

And the outcome? The three of cups -- friendship, bounty, celebrating and creating memories with friends. I reminded Teddy that he didn't need to learn something by himself. Maybe he could take a class with Anatra, the duck, or maybe participating in a workshop would lead him to discover new peers and friendships that would make him happy.

It's amazing what you can come up with, with only three cards!