The Chariot is one of those cards that I have an interesting relationship with. It comes up pretty frequently whenever I do readings for myself. Regardless of whether you think there is any mystical connection between your life, the cards, and the universe, it's pretty common when something like this happens to think that at the very least, the universe has a pretty wicked sense of humor.

I'm hoping that in explaining how this card comes up for me and what meaning that has for me will help illustrate how you can use the tarot in your own journey of self-development without being freaked out that it's either the work of the devil, hideously complex, or both. Really what it comes down to is what tools you can use to advance your own self-development and keep yourself interested and accountable. Of course, as a life coach this is what I can provide for you--but even though it's counter to my employment interests, doing things for free yourself (though your mileage may vary) has its own appeal.

So. I've got many, many journals in which I've written about what I need to figure out, what I need to do, full of undoubtedly brilliant insights on my personal journey. They're in the basement. They're easy to ignore. It's even easy to manage to get nothing out of a current journal. If you don't force yourself to reread things, integrate what you've learned, and act on it, you don't get much out of the endeavor. It's also hard to find the time and get into the mental space to sit down and do any serious journaling.

Images, however, are quicker and more to the point, and working with the tarot in particular by doing a daily draw is a great way to call yourself on your own shit as well as inspire yourself to try new things on a regular basis. For a daily draw, you ask a simple question like "what's coming up for me today," or "what do I need to know about today?" Some people pick a card at the beginning of the day to try and anticipate how to deal with the day, and others enjoy picking one at the end of the day and seeing how the energies of that card showed up for them.

What's nice about the cards is that none of them are purely good or bad; each card has positive and negative aspects. And different decks have different imagery, so that there's always new things for your intuition to key off of. A card can tell you something about yourself you didn't consciously know, remind you of your own strengths, or help you figure out what to do.

I find it entertaining how the Chariot has so much to tell me depending on what I ask, and which deck I use. The Wildwood Chariot is actually "The Archer," and reminds me that having focus and intent are key aspects of being a badass and achieving anything. The Chariot of the "Everyday Witch" deck is a girl on a motorcycle, which I've drawn more than once when I've been wondering how to keep my energy up ("fill up with gas, moron,") In The Wooden Tarot, the image is a snail with fungi growing out of moss on its back. A good reminder that slow and steady wins the race, and that I shouldn't beat myself up for not being further ahead than I am.

Of course, there's the steam engine version of the Wayfarer Tarot to give me a good kick in the ass if I need it. If anything, the Chariot will keep you on your toes.