This month we're talking about motion and flow, and that's what the Chariot is all about. This card is all about forward motion and power, and getting shit done. It's usually depicted as a princely fellow in a fancy, canopied rig being drawn by a 

pair of white and black sphinxes. Oddly, he's not holding any reins, though he does have the same wand that the Magician does. This is someone who is in control, and calmly so -- there's no struggle here, only success and ease.

What a great card, huh? This card is all about the power of the will to overcome difficulty and achieve victory. Different decks depict interesting variations on the subject-- in the Everyday Witch deck the Chariot card is a girl on a motorcycle, and in the Tarot of the Hidden Realm, it's a young girl riding joyously on a white horse. 

In what areas of your life do you wish you had this confidence? Where do you need to move ahead in your life, and are you doubting yourself or do you, like the chariot driver, feel so much confidence in yourself that you know how to make things happen with seemingly no effort?

In a future post, we'll discuss some of the aspects of this​ card as it relates to making use of our own personal power. When this card comes up, it can alert us to many things in our lives that need attention, and also help us reflect on where we are achieving traction and what's keeping us back if we're not. 

This is a great card to journal with, or to use to inspire you to move ahead in your life. ​Whether you need help making headway, or just need a reminder that you have the ability to do anything if you approach it with confidence and strength, The Chariot is your go-to card for getting shit done like a champ.