The Lovers is the sixth card of the Major Arcana. Again, if you're using the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, it's two nudes under an angel in the Garden of Eden. Snakes. Phallic symbols. Meh.

The Lovers card from the Animal Totem Tarot, that we saw in a previous post, gets the point across a lot better.​

 Maybe your lover is the opposite of you, in whatever respect matters. Maybe the other swan is you, and you're finally meeting yourself with an open heart. Maybe you look the same, like the lizards, and you could both use some skin cream in your personal care regime.

​Love, however you extend it, is not an easy action. If it were, there wouldn't be wars, abuse, divorce, or an entire self-help industry. This is why we prefer not to anthropomorphize and imagine that animals are capable of love. Because they'd make it look too easy. 

But learning to love--whether one's self or another--is an important step on the process to self-realization. ​We don't have to do it perfectly, we just have keep learning. In fact, the Fool usually makes a round of the Tarot at least a few times.

The lovers also a card about commitment and trust--not just with another person, but in terms of making a choice of what you stand for. Unlike the Fool's simple steps forward, the Lovers indicates a choice between things, one that will matter in a big way and affect your future.

Especially if you decide to give your trust to yourself, finally.