Thoughts on My Card of the Year

October 9, 2017

Each year, I pick a tarot card out of the Major Arcana to function as my "card of the year." The idea is that this will either be the needed focus of my life in the next twelve months or will just give me grist for thought in my self-development efforts. The fact is, you can't go wrong with any of the cards of the major arcana -- though it is kind of shitty to get the Tower or Death, even though they're ultimately transformative in the "yay, you" sort of way. It's hard to beat a kick-ass lion, though.

But back to Strength. This was an appropriate, given that I'm working towards my black belt in Uechi Ryu and have some significant physical fitness goals. I also started out this year with the intention to create an online presence and attract my ideal clients, so some leonine energy to support that was certainly in line.

Through the year, the lion has popped up in many ways, from visiting the statues of the egyptian Sekhmet in the New York Museum of Art to working with the root and sacral chakras in the Shadow Work course I'm doing online with Benebell Wen. I've been trying to cultivate the passionate action suggested by the Thoth card, because that's what I really need. Instead of waking up with the feeling of "there's not enough coffee in the world," I want to be getting out of bed with excitement, ready for the day.

Also, I know that my body likes movement, that once I go for a run, or work out, or go to karate class, I never regret it and always feel better. But getting the spark to get off my ass and DO it is hard. I need to work on consistent kindling. Having the lion card out where I can see it reminds me of all of this. I don't know that I'll be "done" with this card at the end of the year, but I'll have given it a good ride.