Try-it-Tuesday: Life is a Verb

April 22, 2014

Hello, grasshopper. It's spring. Everything around you is changing, moving, building nests and enjoying sunlight.

I bet you have a long To-Do list, one you wrote Sunday night and now it's Tuesday and you're already bashing yourself for being behind (no, I'm not talking about myself — I haven't even MADE a to-do list this week, and I'm not sorry).

Take a few minutes today to check your verbs. What's on your list? Things like call, buy, bring, drive, pick up? Good for you–these are today-list verbs, but they're not the kind of verbs that nourish you, the glorious implied subject of all your well-planned sentences.

“Life is a Verb” is a great book by Patti Digh, but it's also something true. Your life is made of a million little experiences, and then after that a million more. Yes, maybe things happen to you. This is also true. But for the moment, recognize that your awareness of all these happenings is more powerful than you think, and you have the ability to make those verbs be ones that will feed you and make you glad you lived today. How about “smell, read, laugh, cherish, hug?”

Spend some time thinking about what verbs you want on your list today. Then go out and live.