I fell in love with the SoulCollage® process because it combined my interests in art, journaling, and spirituality. SoulCollage® is a process in which you collage found imagery to make a deck of cards with personal meaning and significance. You can use them to access your intuition, serve as journaling prompts, or just to honor the voices within you.

Creating the cards is only part of the process. After we create them we work with them, both in small groups and alone. 

 Journaling and spending time with these cards is a great way to voice and understand the parts of ourselves that we might otherwise ignore.​ During a workshop, or on your own kitchen table, you make a series of images that represent a specific energy to you. The cards are divided into four "suits:"

  • The Committee - the energies and voices inside you
  • The Council - archetypes and mythic-level persons or ideas that are meaningful to you
  • The Companions - ​Animals that represent seven SoulCollage®-specific energies
  • The Community -- people, places, and things that have personal meaning to you

​Much of personal development involves becoming aware of your own stories, limiting thoughts, and ways in which your past has conditioned you to react. Bringing the unconscious into the light helps us tremendously on our paths to become whole. While we all generally want to improve our lives, sometimes doing the work can seem overwhelming and difficult to slog through. Introducing a visual element and adding a little bit of creativity and fun to the process can make things a lot easier.

One of the ways your SoulCollage® cards can help you is that they allow you to work with these shadow parts of yourself in an ongoing process, not just when something is flaring up. It's easier to get a perspective on something when you're not in the middle of an emotional reaction or engaged with the energies of other people. If you have a regular journaling practice, you can work with the collaged cards that represent voices and issues at your leisure, when you're not in a charged situation. Asking a card "What do you have to tell me," or pretending you're the card and describing yourself by starting with "I am one who..." will give you a lot of information and free your authentic self to reveal its wisdom. At the very least, it allows that specific energy, that voice, to be heard without judgement. 

If you wish to learn more about SoulCollage®, check out http://www.soulcollage.com, and go to my page http://www.yourwildlifecoaching.com/soulcollage-workshops/ to find out about my workshops.